Introducing GU:UM: A New, Korean-Touched Contemporary Grill Concept

Introducing GU:UM: A New, Korean-Touched Contemporary Grill Concept

An element of profound significance in Korean culture, fire represents the passing on of tradition, energy and warmth – all characteristics of an experience at GU:UM. Its name meaning ‘to grill’ or ‘to cook over fire’, the new Korean-touched contemporary grill restaurant by NAE:UM Group opens on 6 April 2024 at 29 Keong Saik Road.

Serving Korean flavours with a cosmopolitan twist, GU:UM follows the success of contemporary Seoul cuisine dining concept NAE:UM. This expanded restaurant portfolio under NAE:UM Group unveils a new chapter. At the same time, it also speaks of Chef Louis Han’s commitment to continual growth and diversification.

Just as Chef Louis Han is influenced by his international experiences and Korean heritage for NAE:UM, the cuisine at GU:UM is a blend of tradition and modernity. Inspired by NAE:UM's fifth episodic menu “Front Yard Barbecue”, Chef Louis’ fond memories of nostalgic barbecue gatherings is elevated to new heights through GU:UM’s grill experience. With NAE:UM alumni taking position as key team members, GU:UM is truly the youthful sibling of NAE:UM, carrying with it familiar expertise, passion, and values. The well-versed team also ensures a continuity of quality and dedication; paying homage to the group’s Korean roots, while setting a stage for new and memorable dining experiences.

A departure from the typical Korean grill experience, at GU:UM, the dishes are prepared and cooked at an open kitchen before being served to diners’ tables for immediate enjoyment. In addition to a focus on cooking over a modern charcoal grill, a variety of cooking techniques will be used. Executed by a team well-versed in applying Western culinary techniques to deliver contemporary Korean flavours, the cuisine at GU:UM delivers Chef Louis’ take of comfortingly familiar Korean flavours seasoned with global influences.

Seasonal and sustainable ingredients are sourced from around the world, with prime cuts of red meat and poultry seasoned with a curated selection of house-made marinades as an option; else, choose to have them ‘ssaeng’ or unmarinated to savour the natural flavours of the ingredient. The freshest bounty from the sea are also kissed by the fire and presented in delectable seafood dishes.




Made for sharing, the enjoyment of these hearty dishes is augmented by an a la carte menu of starters, inspired vegetable dishes, and sides including house-made kimchi varieties. Compact yet varied, the selection – offering delicious plant-based and gluten-free options – allows diners to design a feast to their own preferences. For a complete epicurean experience, a selection of boutique Korean and international liquors are available, including South Korea’s first craft gin, brewed by a father-and-son duo.

More than a stage for culinary excellence, GU:UM is, at its core, a convivial place for building bonds. The Keong Saik Road venue, housed within a heritage shophouse, is dressed in a palette of dark warm hues and wooden accents, creating a chic yet welcoming casual space where diners can enjoy warm hospitality and good food in an energetic setting. GU:UM encourages diners to connect over a meal in a place anchored by a charcoal grill, just as traditional Korean households would around a hearth. Be it a meal with friends, a romantic date night, or a celebration with family, GU:UM is a casual venue to eat, drink, and be happy – a charming setting for repeat visits.

Address: 29 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089136

Reservations: Online