Huber's Butchery & Bistro

Huber's Butchery: Keeping a Cutting Edge Through Constant Evolution

The stalwart that is Huber’s Butchery is a 17-year-old family business where time-honed butchery skills are preserved, and one is always received with a personal touch. Demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement with consumers in mind, Huber’s Butchery stays relevant by being on top and ahead of trends, adapting to the evolving needs of their customers and the community with an expanded suite of experiences and refreshed aesthetics – all while staying true to its pursuit of perfection.

Huber’s Butchery translates their philosophy into high-quality gourmet offerings for epicureans at its sprawling 14,000 square-foot butchery and bistro, nestled at the foot of the Dempsey Hill premier lifestyle enclave. In its aesthetics, Huber’s Butchery unveils a new contemporary farmhouse look, sleeked in hues of grey, white, and red; complete with staff donning new uniforms in the same palette, designed by local designer Sabrina Goh.

The retail haven is a go-to for discerning customers seeking everything from premium meats, cheese and charcuterie items to gourmet condiments and fine wines, all carefully curated across provenances to elevate every dining experience. Beyond its impressive range, Huber’s Butchery also sets itself apart with newly introduced innovative services and modern conveniences. Besides next day delivery service, 24-hour temperature-controlled self-collection lockers allow for seamless physical pickups of online orders; while a vending machine provides quick, fuss-free purchase of grocery items spanning charcuterie, daily necessities, and beverages.

Further, as stewards of the butchery industry in Singapore, it is championing sustainable practices with its latest initiatives directed at a greener future. This includes sourcing from ethical farmers, operational initiatives to minimise carbon footprint, promoting sustainable practices such as turning food waste into compost, and investing in renewable energy sources through the installation of solar panels in end-July 2024. When in place, the solar panels will generate clean electricity equivalent to powering 14.2% of both the Butchery and Bistro. For customers, these efforts extend to green conveniences such as charging stations for electric vehicles while shopping or dining, and recycling stations for all.

As a family-run purveyor of personally sourced products drawn from nature, Huber’s Butchery is a modern butchery rooted in evergreen values.

Experts of the field

Huber’s Butchery had humble beginnings in 2007 as a single meat counter at a branch of Fairprice Finest’s first supermarket. This would be the bud of brothers Ryan and Andre Huber’s vision of creating a retail culinary haven.

This vision was built upon the legacy of their father, Ernst Huber, a veteran chef and expert butcher. Huber senior has imparted to his sons the art and science of butchery, laying the foundation for the brothers' culinary journey, and instilling in them a profound understanding of the craft. This, the brothers took on their mission to deliver only the finest meat products, and beyond.

The family’s deep expertise within the industry has nurtured a relationship with renowned suppliers and producers from around the world – such as Australia’s most awarded beef brand Stockyard and Australian lamb from Marrunga Marble. Other exclusive products include the Hirai grain-fed Japanese Wagyu from Kyoto; Mangalica pork from Hungary; and Lilydale Free Range Chickens from Australia. To note, Huber’s Butchery also holds the honour of being the first butchery in the world to sell and serve cultivated chicken from GOOD Meat.

Not limiting their exclusive partnerships to meat products, Huber’s Butchery brings to their customers the liquid gold from Casas de Hualdo, the celebrated Spanish olive oil producer that is rated one of the best in the world.

With the art of butchery at the core of the business, one would find a team of experienced, long serving butchers, some with a background as chefs. Always ready to share their knowledge, these passionate experts are at hand to help customers select the perfect cut and lend cooking recommendations. During weekends, Huber’s Butchery also hosts Gourmet Studio cooking classes led by experienced resident chefs. These are all offered with the aim of helping every family create exceptional culinary experiences with items from the retail space.

Being managed by skilled specialists means that Huber’s Butchery is able to offer customers special services, such as the customisation of sausages that can accommodate requests for no salt, herbs and spices – ideal for the fussiest of little eaters, and dry ageing of beef for up to 90 days in the in-house dry ageing cabinets for meat connoisseurs.


Flavours for the discerning

With a spectrum of products readily available, Huber’s Butchery ensures that the discerning palates of their cosmopolitan clientele are satisfied. Its extensive array of quality and premium meats sourced from all around the world includes diverse cuts of beef, pork, poultry, lamb and veal to game meats, innards and offals; as well as the latest version of cultivated chicken from GOOD Meat and plant-based options. Also available are two types of natural casing sausages made with meats free of growth hormones, and void of fillers and MSG: uncooked versions are meticulously made on-site, while cooked and smoked sausages with minimal preservatives have a longer shelf life of up to 25 days.

From sliced-to-order meats including shabu shabu, to marinated ready-to-cook meats such as kebabs and patties, as well as house-made salads, pate and rilettes – the comprehensive selection caters to everybody, from kitchen novices to professionals. You will always be able to find something suitable to cook up a delicious meal for the everyday or special occasion feasts.

Gourmet products are aplenty - think a wide variety of condiments like house-made sauces, seasonings and oils; fresh produce such as seasonal vegetables and fruits directly from the wholesale markets of France and Australia; and even barbecue essentials including grills, charcoals, insulated bags, and more.

Huber’s Butchery is proud to carry one of the largest collections of artisanal cheeses in Singapore, with over 200 varieties from around the world. Assemble this alongside picks from the house-made cured meats, air-dried meats as well as dips for a delicious starter. Other pantry staples range from snacks such as European and Australian chocolates, chips, and biscuits to breakfast cereals, jams, and freshly baked breads.

To complete a full gastronomic experience at home, Huber’s Butchery houses 500 wines from a library of Old and New World regions including less explored provenances. There is also a curated collection of beers like the house-exclusive Bavarian Kuchlbauer, as well as spirits – aged sakes, whiskey, and close to 50 different types of gin; with non-alcoholic options that see Australian sodas, Swiss beverages, and teas.

For those seeking to dine out, be it a solo meal or a convivial session with family and friends, Huber’s Bistro is a lush setting to enjoy classic dishes crafted from the freshest, quality ingredients available at Huber’s Butchery. A new beautiful waterfall garden feature ideal for outdoor picnics or enjoying the bistro’s takeaways, while an upgraded children’s playground with additions of a mini flying fox zipline and Swiss Alps-themed climbing wall allows the adults to stretch their mealtime enjoyment a tad longer while the little ones play. A house-grown herb garden complete with name tags for each plant used in the dishes served at the bistro, offer fun, educational interactivity for the young and old alike.

Address: 22 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249679