1-Flowerhill Extorior

1-Flowerhill: Once Upon A Blossoming Hill

A vision of a sea of wildflowers in bloom along the banks of the Seine and a myriad of colours dancing in the breeze. The 19th century work Île aux Fleurs near Vétheuil, by Impressionist master Claude Monet, might depict a ‘Flower Island’ of a different time and place, but the timeless allure of its tranquil beauty is brought to life here and now, at 1-Flowerhill, opening on 2 May 2024.


A charming transformation of a century-old conservation house perched on a hill at 6 Imbiah Road sees the grounds reimagined into a beautifully lush lifestyle destination, capturing the romantic idyll depicted in Monet’s painting. Nestled on a hillock next to Sentosa’s Mount Imbiah, the island’s newest multi-concept destination, 1-Flowerhill, is a sight to behold

Beyond its grand gates, a meticulously manicured estate beckons with cascading greens, meandering garden paths, ornate water features and resplendent archways. A veritable garden estate sprawling over an acre of land, this is home to a blossoming collection of native and exotic plants showcasing the island's botanical heritage. With verdant outdoor areas and vantages offering panoramic views of the newly opened Sentosa Sensoryscape and the heritage hotel belt, the venue invites guests to reconnect with nature, engage the senses, and create memories and tales on a canvas of their own.

1-Flowerhill Set to be Southeast Asia’s most impressive floral landscaped lifestyle F&B project, 1- Flowerhill presents a dreamy dining destination like no other. Be it an enchanting wedding ceremony, a sophisticated corporate gathering, or a private gathering to celebrate the joys of life, 1-Flowerhill sets the stage for unforgettable moments.


Once a quiet abode, the majestic colonial bungalow now welcomes three vibrant concepts under 1-Group. These include the group’s signature Wildseed Café, as well as the all-new Wildseed Bar & Grill, and refined French-Japanese restaurant Camille, the first of its kind in Sentosa. Each with a distinct character, yet all with a floral theme at the heart of it, the dining spaces offer unique environments for different experiences.

A beloved name among café-hoppers, Wildseed Café has been charming diners with its pet-friendly floral setting and hearty fare of international and Singaporean flavours at various locations. At 1-Flowerhill, it takes on an understated elegance. Offering a quaint indoor section and seats at the Grand Terrace and courtyard, it is a breezy spot for joyful gatherings of brunch, lunch and high tea or a refreshment like a house-made ‘bing su’ like cendol with a spiked option to simply refuel and recharge after a session of hiking Mount Imbiah, or exploring the Sentosa Heritage Trails and multi-faceted Sentosa Sensoryscape. Its decoration echoing the beauty of the estate's lush landscaping, the floral sanctuary is also bedecked with flowers, with bouquets available for retail.

In the evening, it evolves into Wildseed Bar & Grill, an intimate alcove where conviviality meets laid-back vibes. IDiners are invited to unwind over libations of locally inspired hand-crafted cocktails, beers, and wines.



Wildseed Cafe at the Grand Terrace


Gourmet indulgences come in the form of curated bar bites and a sumptuous selection of grilled meat and seafood items expertly executed. Whether it is a dinner after exploring the island, time to relax after a long workday, or a weekend gathering with friends, Wildseed Bar & Grill makes for the perfect spot to rejuvenate, surrounded by the beauty of nature.



Wildseed Bar & Grill


Sentosa’s first French-Japanese restaurant, Camille, is unveiled at the second floor of the 1-Flowerhill bungalow. The elegant premium concept is a celebration of romance, named and dedicated to the greatest love of Monet’s life and muse, for whom he painted 50 artworks of and almost always with flowers. This passion for flowers is creatively expressed through the restaurant’s centrepiece as guests arrive through the grand staircase: an artistic kinetic light installation resembling flowers that bloom. Just as captivating is the view of sparkling waves from the Camille Dining Room as well as the glass encased verandah. Dressed in calming tones of white and beige, and with textures reminiscent of the delicate tenderness of flower petals, Camille envelopes guests with a gentle yet enigmatic charm akin to flowers in full bloom.

The French painter’s fascination with Japanese culture is also captured here. In his masterpiece La Japonaise, a kimono-clad Camile is depicted sitting on a Japanese-style tatami mat and in front of a wall decorated by Japanese uchiwa bamboo fans. Similarly, Camille is an exquisite showcase where the space is steeped in classic French beauty and exquisite Japanese touches matched by a refined French culinary culture as well as the simplicity and subtlety of Japanese cuisine.

The kitchens of this premium dining venue are anchored by 1-Group’s Executive Chef of Asian Cuisines Lamley Chua, whose expertise lies in Modern Japanese and Progressive Asian cuisines and Head Chef Loh Wai Lun, who brings with him rich experiences working at reputable French restaurants in Singapore.

Using sustainably sourced ingredients and the season’s finest, the chefs meld the two deeply different food cultures to push the boundaries of culinary artistry.

From the perfume of a garden in bloom to the visual spectacle of the grand architecture; from minute, ephemeral details, to the evergreen colonial building that has stood the test of time, 1-Flowerhill engages all senses to create a truly enchanting experience. Akin to flowers and its life cycle – from seeding to bearing fruit, 1- Flowerhill is also a place of all seasons in life. From birthdays to graduations, from first dates to dream weddings and anniversaries, it provides diners with the perfect setting to mark the different milestones in their life journey.

It is the crossroads where the venerably historical and the stylishly contemporary blend; where the organic beauty of nature and elegance of thoughtful interior design meld seamlessly; where cuisines of the East and West are presented in synergy. Similarly, 1-Flowerhill is also a convergence point for relationships to blossom, and where cherished memories of the senses are created.

A beautiful expression of harmony and tranquillity, the gardens at 1-Flowerhill blossom with vivid blooms and pleasing palettes, depicting a quintessential scene of an earthly paradise. As Monet himself once said, this is “for the pleasure of the eye and for motifs to paint”. Granted, if the artist had chanced upon 1-Flowerhill, he would have eternalised its beauty in painterly broad brushstrokes and striking colours on canvas. The impressionist’s 19th-century work Île aux Fleurs near Vétheuil may have mused this ‘Flower Island’ in Sentosa, but if 1-Flowerhill were to have existed then, this world of flowers could have been the very inspiration for Monet’s last masterpiece in his oeuvre.

Address: 6 Imbiah Rd, 099696

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